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  Railroad Engineering  

Isla Engineering Service Company's record of experience in the field of Railroad Engineering projects spans over 20 years. In short, we have performed nearly every railroad engineering task imaginable.

As railroad engineering experts, our company is unique in that, not only can we recognize the engineering aspects of a railway project, but we are also well versed in recognizing all of the broader concerns that must also be addressed when dealing with public transportation issues.




Specifically, we demonstrate experience and proficiency in the following areas:

Track inspection is performed as required by CFR Part 213 of the Federal Railroad Administration (F.R.A.). Inspection can be performed as required by the F.R.A., for routine compliance with inspection frequency. A detailed list of defects will be compiled for the specific class of track being inspected.

When required, we also provide the track owner with a specific plan of appropriate remedial action, such as the implementation of defined speed restrictions or other suitable corrective action.


Inspections are also performed as a track maintenance tool. We perform a conditional assessment of the track, and prepare a detailed inspection and maintenance plan. Studies may also be performed to determine the feasibility of upgrading to a higher class of track.

We offer track design capability for special track work, conventional track, track geometry, switches & turnouts, and highway grade crossings. All designs are performed using railroad industry guidelines, such as those set forth by the American Railway Engineers and Maintenance of way Association (AREMA, formerly AREA). Design standards supplied by the track owner can also be implemented, as well as F.R.A. minimum requirements.

Management of track construction projects requires a thorough technical understanding of track construction techniques. Our staff is experienced in the construction and maintenance of tracks. This hands-on experience will allow us to set realistic schedules, productivity rates, and quality of construction. We are ready to manage track projects of all sizes.

Train accident investigations are a critical part of a railroad's operation. We have been in the railroad business long enough to know that the investigation of a train accident can easily




become clouded with unnecessary finger pointing and other political influences. As an independent consulting firm, we are qualified to perform an unbiased investigation, and provide you with an accurate and in-depth report of the facts relating to a derailment.

To prevent future train derailments, railroads must strive to ascertain the true cause of current derailments, and learn from them. Regardless of whether the derailment is caused by track weakness, equipment failure, excessive speed, vandalism, vehicle collision, or natural causes, this educational process cannot take place if the true cause remains undetermined.

Isla Engineering Service Company can guarantee you the high level of professionalism and experience required to properly and effectively serve your Railroad Engineering needs.


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