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  Home Inspection  

Isla Engineering Service Company specializes in performing comprehensive building inspections on behalf of its clients, prior to an actual purchase. After an inspection, a Professional Engineer provides an unbiased report explaining the condition of the house and each of its sub-systems.

Our Inspection Report serves to identify and thereby eliminate surprise expenses, that might otherwise surface after the purchase of an uninspected home. Equally important, our home inspection service can turn what is often a highly stressful home buying process into a more rewarding experience.


(Termite Damage)

Upon completion of a home inspection, our engineer's written report is usually furnished within twenty-four (24) hours. This legal document can serve as an effective bargaining tool for the buyer during the negotiation process, resulting in a fair selling price. It can also provide the buyer an opportunity to do one of the following:

Have the repair and/or correction of defects written into the sales contract; or
Renegotiate the purchase price with the seller.

Our firm is highly experienced in home inspections and can guarantee you a thorough inspection of the premises in question. Each of our customized inspection reports is written in a clear, easy to understand narrative format, and includes a complete explanation of any defects visible at the time of inspection.

While other firms may offer "checklist" type reports, Isla Engineering Service Company does not rely on "cookie-cutter" reports that may not necessarily provide sufficient information to the home buyer. Our goal is to make our clients as informed as possible before making their prospective purchase. As such, we endeavor to provide you with the clearest and most relevant information possible regarding the premises in question.


(Roof Sag)


Generally, the main content of our Inspection Report follows the NABIE standards, which includes our observations and findings in the following areas:

  • Exterior of the structure, including siding, roofing, grading, and doors;
  • Basic structural integrity of the foundation, columns, beams, joists, and rafters;
  • Interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors;
  • Central heating and air conditioning systems;
  • Plumbing systems, water supply, and waste water drainage;
  • Electrical system, including service capacity, panel box, branch circuits,
  • receptacles, and grounding;
  • Insulation and energy considerations.
As an additional service to our clients, your completed engineer's report can be delivered electronically via fax, over the Internet (e-mail), or on computer disk with accompanying hard copy. All reports are stamped with the official seal of a Professional Engineer.


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